Natasha Gransberry (The Gransberry) envisioned a platform where she could elaborate, expand, embrace and share her love of sports and fashion with every woman.  Pumps|Cleats|Couture is the platform where every woman belongs! It doesn’t matter to us what sport she enjoys or her choice in fashion!  Here she can be a casual, die-hard, confused, or undecided fan. She will matter to us!

Our mission is to bring sports to women in a way that they can enjoy it on their level. We strive to meet every woman in her fan space. This includes offering opportunities to educate, participate, and celebrate sports through memberships, seminars, travel, and events. Additionally, we want women to cultivate their fashion desires into sports. When we allow sports into our lives it can bring challenges, pain, rewards, redemption and even excitement. Then when we look at fashion to show our confidence, attitude, uniqueness and creativity the possibilities are endless. Naturally, the next move is to experience life combining the two! Welcome to the world of Fashionable Sports Talk!