Training Camp 2016!!

By: D. Jones

Football fans the season has officially started! Whether you are a die-hard fan or just learning the game, the start of training camp kicks everything into gear. Since May it has unofficially been football season when players began working on participating in organized team activities (OTA) and some even had June mini-camps. However, training camp has begun and there will be constant football talk for the next 6 months!

Training camp is good time to learn more about the game and the players on the team.  Yes, the players will change due to this his the time some are earning a spot on the roster.  No worries, teams pass out schedules and you can use the websites to keep up! Check with your local teams’ website to see their open practice schedule. It may even show you how the teams have position practice times which you can use to concentrate just on the offense or defense.

In some cases, you can catch a visiting team in town practicing with your favorite team. For example, this year the Texans will play a preseason game against the Saints. Prior to the game they will have joint practices. These practices can be pretty intense and provide some good competition similar to game time action. You can also see your team come together because they will be going against an opponent instead of a team mate in practice. This is also a good time to get the fans get into cheering shape!

Open training camp practices are a good outing for the kids too. Go meet the cheerleaders and explore the kid fun zones. If you arrive early you may get an up-close encounter with the players. After practice is over many of the players stick around to sign autographs as well. In a huge stadium this is not possible but at training camp you are normally on a practice field. So bring a ball and have a sharpie ready! You never know…

Be sure to check the times of the practices because most are in the mornings. In most cases it is free but you will have to register or get a ticket because there are a limited number of attendees allowed.  Also, look out for possible schedule changes!

Enjoy the season is near!